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Moshe 12.27.2009 12:46 AM

Thurston's top 2009 gigs

thurston moore | northampton wools
1) John Olson and Khristopher Reinshagen duo in the basement of some pad in
Detroit. You'd think these midwest noise gods would be tearing holes in the
universal fabric, but Olson played sweet-weird reeds and Khrust was like
hitting tiny rusted metal objects and scrunching small chains in his fist.
It was the audience that supplied the high-decibel chaos shouting and
chanting whatever insanity came through their minds at the performers as
they worked some kind of dada bizarro magik. Beer everywhere. And then
upstairs Olson appears (twin?) playing crunked ipod mix with andrew coltrane
and some other dudes with their shirts off slow-gunk-dancing around an
upturned fan (middle of summer) while the girls sat on the couch "enjoying"
the scene.
Cold Cave at Terminal 5, NYC -- the current lineup of wes, caralee and
dominick is straight up mesmerizing, sexy and the best love song lyric scene
happening today.
Jesus Lizard at Irving Plaza and Awesome Color at Glasslands - Êmissed
both of these gigs but heard they were phenomenal with Jesus Lizard
completely scorching from moment one and Yow pronouncing "thank you, you'll
never see us again" - best end of gig line ever -- and Awesome Color
creating a sick slampit stagedive fest at Glasslands which I KNOW must've
been hotter than hell. Oh well.
Leslie Keffer and Thurston Moore in Nashville, summertime -- I only list
this because I got to smash my guitar in Leslies face only to have her
wrestle me to my back and strangle me while some weird, drunken bearded dude
knelt down and yelled in my ear "dude 100% is like the greatest jam ever!!"
Talk Normal at Hampshire College Tavern --- sarah register playing
hell-gate guitar -- if you need new guitar hero go see the TN -- ruling.
Iggy & The Stooges in Rio, Brazil --- 1st Raw power set w/ Williamson --
as cool as it looks on you tube - coolest thing was they did "night theme"
-- wtf
Okkyung Lee & Carlos Giffoni duo at Glasslands, Bklyn --- for some reason
I didn't think this would work, thought maybe Carlos would decimate
Okkyung's string action with pulverizing computer kill, but he
was...sensitive...and these two hit a sincere cosmic high - happening.

Genteel Death 12.27.2009 01:57 AM

Hat off to him for including Talk Normal and Cave.

greenlight 12.27.2009 04:39 AM


jon boy 12.27.2009 01:17 PM

sweet! thanks

Ripchord 12.28.2009 04:48 PM

Hell yeah Hampshire College!

Georgekrz 12.29.2009 09:37 AM

Thurston and Mats Gustafsson at Glasslands on Super Bowl Sunday has to rank up there as one of year's best, maybe even the decade...

tesla69 12.29.2009 12:48 PM

file under unclear on concept:
"missed both of these gigs but heard they were phenomenal"

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