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blunderbuss 10.28.2008 10:45 AM

Let's hear it for the bands that Melody Maker decided were part of a dodgy "movement" that they christened Arsequake.

For some reason, as movements go, it's totally neglected. Everyone's too busy shoegazing. I can remember that World Domination Enterprises got roped in, along with the Buttholes. But who else was in there? Remind me please, as my memory is failing.

gualbert 10.28.2008 11:03 AM

Never heard of it.

But I have never heard of Shoegaze until recently either.
In the 90's , MBV and Ride were labeled "noisy-pop".

blunderbuss 10.28.2008 11:11 AM

My googling has eventually yielded something:

I knew it wasn't my imagination!

gualbert 10.28.2008 11:17 AM

Man , sometimes it takes years for a label to become "official".
( that means more official than the previously official label )

MellySingsDoom 10.28.2008 11:46 AM

Uh, Terminal Cheesecake I think were in with that lot, I recall...

Toilet & Bowels 10.29.2008 06:23 AM

arsequake is the same thing as pigfuck isn't it?

MellySingsDoom 10.29.2008 06:27 AM

Yeah, pretty much so, T&B, but the emphasis on more bass-heavy groups.

Toilet & Bowels 10.29.2008 06:29 AM

i prefer pigfuck because the name sounds more awesome
(maybe not work safe)

blunderbuss 10.29.2008 06:55 AM

I kind of think of pigfuck being a proto-grunge thing, and arsequake as being less of a rock thing and more a continuation of post-punk. Although I guess that Butthole Surfers' position as being the most quaking of arsequakers would go contrary to that.

Possibly arsequake was by drug users and pigfuck by drinkers?

Toilet & Bowels 10.29.2008 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
im sorry. arsequake makes me think of the brazilian girls' typical ass shake-dance.
i cant relate it right now to butthole surfers and i have no idea what pigfuck is. musically.

pigfuck & arsequake = killdozer, drunks with guns, scratch acid, big black, butthole surfers, sonic youth (80s only) etc.

nick2767 10.29.2008 02:26 PM

arsequake, wasn't that the stud brothers who came up with the term. Was popular for about a year - '88 ish, when Blast First was in its pomp?

How about adding young gods to the list.

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