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Originally Posted by h8kurdt
Alright, I'll bite.

And you need to realise Ivanka Trump did a similar thing even after Trump's screeching about Hillary doing it.

Lol. 8ch/breitbart levels of conspiracy that hasn't come up with anything

Ivanka Trump is responsible for our Nations secrets?
Ivanka Trump receives daily security briefings?
Ivanka Trump advises our President on foreign policy?

......I don’t think so!!!

Concerning your “levels of conspiracy”

It was President Barack Hussein Obama’s FBI Director James Comey who said he was not recommending criminal charges against Hillary Clinton......said she was “extremely careless” for using the server.

FBI Director Comey notified Congress weeks before the election that the FBI was reopening the probe......but it was shut down on Nov. 6, two days before the election.

Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
The million dollar question......if there was nothing of importance, why did Presidential Obama need to grant immunity???

Seeing how you refused to nibble at the million dollar question from a page back, here is another set of million dollar questions:

A. why did FBI Director James Comey notify Congress?
B. who shut down the investigation?

Was it because Hillary Clinton had her attorney delete 33,000 emails AFTER Congress sends her a subpoena......same attorney President Barak Hussein Obama granted immunity??

Originally Posted by h8kurdt
Would you have been happier if he'd ignored Palestine and just give Israel the money on top of the billions they already get?

That's a separate argument which i'm not even sure why you brought it up other than to showcase your blatant racism (something which I've held off calling you but the evidence is there).

The billions Israel receives is money “we the people” already know about.
The $200 million in his final hours of office......why so secret?
Was he wanting to avoid media/press scrutiny?

Traitor = a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc

I believe SEVERAL of Barack Obama’s actions as President will eventually be revealed as a betrayal to our Country......or at the very least, to our election process.

Hussein = is his given name.

I find it odd that some here consider using a persons name as a racist act?

Originally Posted by h8kurdt
Proof? For me what galls is that Trump constantly said he'd release his tax returns if he got the presidency. He gets it and then absolutely stead fast refuses to release them. He broke federal law by not giving the returns to Congress when requested. Why? Cos he's a total immoral piece of shit who boasted about how it was a game between him and his cronies to not pay taxes. For him not paying taxes is a badge of honour.

YES - candidate Trump repeatedly said he would release his Taxes. President Trump has refused to do so. I’m sure this leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some, but it’s NOT A BIG DEAL for the majority who voted for him. Remember, Presidents are not required to release their taxes.

While you’re busy wasting time being galled, have you ever considered this? If private citizen / businessman Donald Trump truly didn’t pay taxes, why didn’t Barack Hussein Obama’s IRS ever audit and bring charges? Hell, it’s how they got Al Capone!

But seriously......Ford, Reagan, Bush-Clinton-Bush, Obama......surely one of these Presidencies would have taken action if taxes weren’t being paid??? You see, there are all sorts of Federally protected ways to handle and use money in such a way to avoid paying taxes or at the very least, to minimize the amount paid. Most of your Billionaires and CEO’s of major companies do this all the time and it’s 100% legal!

Personally, I wish the IRS laws were changed to where big business and Billionaires would be required to pay a more honest tax......but the laws haven’t been changed and so the loopholes will continue to be used.

Before tackling taxes, how about a balanced budget?

Also, DRUDGE has this interesting story this morning.

So you want me to say or call out negative things about our President. Is there something else in the courts that I’m not aware of??? Is another investigation going on???

While I think candidate Trump was masterful at using Twitter to get his message out during the election, often times I wish President Trump would lock his twitter up! I don’t believe he needs to respond to every single thing......but I do see how he can easily turn the tables on such Anti-Trump media reporting.

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