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why feel bad? i don’t understand

i mean, if you have the working memory to juggle 52 items at once, then congrats and more power to you. most people can hold about 7. mozart maybe had a lot extra working memory slots looks like. so, if you’re more mozart than the average schmoe, best washing machine in indiawhy feel bad? now if you’re using the open tabs as a reading list, you could accidentally shut down your 52 pages and make it very cumbersome to gather back the same list. there’s a reading list function of your browser you can use more reliably for that.

now i dont like the browser as an inbox/task manager. so i sometimes i send myself links to archival or task management apps. i have one paper inbox and one digital inbox. hoping to get rid of the paper one some day. in the meantime, i use omnifocus. but you could use a simple list on a simple text note.

don’t be afraid of your curiosity. that’s the stuff that librarians are made of. seems like you just need a better information system to handle the flow is all.

usually i’ll have 3 or 4 tops
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