Simply put, this site needs your help to grow. With 30 years worth of recorded output to document, there's undoubtedly going to be countless errors/omissions throughout this page. I've done my best to offer everything I possibly can given all the information at my disposal, but now things are in your hands -- to make this site as complete, accurate, and exhaustive as it deserves to be, I'm asking everybody who browses this site to submit any information that might assist in the growth of the page, whether it's answering one of the questions found on most of the releases already included on the site, offering information on items that are currently not featured on this page (and believe me, I'm sure there's many), or improving on existing scans. I'm also extremely interested in any significant scans not available so far... so basically, if you know something that isn't here -- PLEASE WRITE ME. I'm open to receiving any type of information you think should be included. And of course, if you have any comments/questions about the site in general, I'd be happy to hear from you! // keep on rockin' -- Chris Lawrence