Monthly Archive for September, 2009


Sonic Youth will be appearing on a new comp related to the Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival. The SY cut is a performance of the song No Way which takes a turn for the weird when the band’s guitar amps overwhelm the available electrical power. The album is now available for preorder.

According to the three:four records site:  “Each track is previously unreleased or rare. Sonic Youth’s contribution was recorded at the 2009 kilbi, the annual Bad Bonn’s festival. If you ever wanted to know how the band sounds without guitars, you have to hear this. As you might guess, we are pretty excited! And we hope you are too. It will come in a lovely black and white cover with a scissors cut made by Jad Fair (click here to see it). As usual, it will be a one-time pressing in limited edition. This time, it is 650 copies only. We still have a lot of work to do on this record, even if the master and artwork steps are over. So, as you might have noticed with the record’s name, it will be released around the second week of February. Sorry, it won’t come under your Christmas tree! We will have around 100 copies available for pre-order on January. We will also put two songs on our myspace page and on the website soon. Stay tuned not to miss anything!”

Side A
1A. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Love Comes To Me (live)
2A. Your Fault – I’m Washing Your Feet…
3A. Pierre Omer – Lullaby
4A. Joe Galen – Gold Smatter
5A. Carla Bozulich and Ches Smith – Elements Ascending

Side B
1B. Sunn O))) – Isengard (Chopped & Screwed)
2B. Sum Of R – Not Every Chamber Has A Door
3B. Bulbul + Boris Hauf – [ab]end
4B. combineharvester – Shallow Is Just Enough
5B. Sonic Youth – No Way (power cut version)


iTunes will release an EP of songs from the band’s performance at the Apple Store in Soho.  Release is scheduled for November 10, with the exception of the UK where it was released October 26.  The EP consists of: Audio- Sacred Trickster, Antenna, Leaky Lifeboat (For Gregory Corso), and Anti-Orgasm, and Video- Sacred Trickster and What We Know.


Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore signature model Fender Jazzmaster guitars will be available in stores July 1.  The guitars reflect decades of road-tested customization knowledge. According to the Fender site: “Lee and Thurston have always heavily modified their Jazzmaster guitars- removing all extraneous controls- simplifying and stripping them back to their essence, leaving just a 3 way switch and a volume knob. In many ways these 2 instruments are similar, yet in almost every major way (pickups, bridges, frets, pickguard) they are totally different.”  More info.

Update: A cool review of these guitars is in the November issue of Premier Guitar.