Monthly Archive for October, 2020


Pre-order for SY’s limited edition Youth Against Fascism Tee is over and the Tees have been shipped.

YAF sticker still available!

New SY Youth Against Fascism Tee available for a limited time via our webstore

also via our EU store here with funds going to United for InterCultural Action (the European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants, refugees and minorities.)

Food for thought: the upcoming election is a serious pivot point for the U.S. and it is alarming how many past lyrics remain timely, including those from “Youth Against Fascism”. Combining these two ideas is a concept brought to us by our friends Three Lobed Recordings and graphic designer D. Norsen – the result is this new shirt design cobbled together from vintage SY artwork that we could have just as easily made in 1992. These shirts are only available for purchase through Wednesday October 28 and will be printed shortly thereafter. There are no plans to run this design again beyond this special window. All net proceeds from the sale of these shirts less manufacturing costs will be split between the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the “Get Mitch Or Die Trying” fund via  @votesaveamerica . Both of these funds are focused on trying to push the control of the US Senate back into Democratic hands in an effort to better control judicial nominations and legislative priorities. We will be donating once a week during this sale period to get funds into the hands of these entities as quickly as possible during these important races. A huge thanks to our friends at Tannis Root and Bingo for helping administer this endeavor. Thanks for looking and please register to vote, making a voting plan, and vote!
(Get Mitch or Die Trying is a tandem fundraising effort curated by Vote Save America, the one-stop shop for shop for all the information and tools you need to get informed and get involved in 2020. Vote Save America is a project of Crooked Media.)