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Thurston and Lee, each in duet with longtime friend from Marseilles, guitarist Jean-Marc Montera. Thurston and JMM recorded 1997 in NYC, Lee and JMM recorded 2010 in Marseilles.  info here.


Lee will perform solo suspended guitar phenomena to accompany Buster Keaton’s classic film “COPS” at the Krannert Center for Performing Arts, in Urbana-Champagne, Illinois on Sept 9, on a bill alongside Marc Ribot.  info here.


both Lee and Kim have works in a show curated by Dead C. guitarist Michael Morley currently on view 11-27 August at Auckland, NZ’s rice and beans gallery.  go here for gallery info, here for Michael’s blog catalog.


A special broadcast this Saturday at 10am on Durham, NC’s WXDU 88.7 will feature the complete box set of ‘Not the spaces You Know, But Between Them’. In addition to broadcasting the full box set, we will also air interviews and play the bonus material that accompanies some versions of the set.

NPR’s blog All Things Considered is streaming Sonic Youth’s song ‘Out & In’ from the soon-to-be released four-vinyl-LP box set compilation Not the Spaces You Know, But Between Them on Three Lobed Recordings.

Sonic Youth have an LP side on ‘Not the Spaces You Know, But the Spaces Between Them’, a 4x LP box set from Three Lobed Records. The side features two cuts: ‘In & Out’ was recorded in Pomona, CA in early 2010.  ‘Out & In’ is an unheard 13-minute shredding studio jam from 2000 with Jim O’Rourke on bass.

The other artists with sides are: Sun City Girls, Steve Gunn, Mouthus, Comets on Fire, Charles Speer & The Helix/Wooden Wand, Eternal Tapestry, and Bardo Pond.

Only a few boxsets still available and can be ordered from Three Lobed .

Watch for a few more box sets to become available here.


On August 20th at 9:00PM ET/PT and again on the 27th at 1:00AM ET/PT you can catch the Sonic Youth episode of Innovators in Music on the Documentary Channel. If you don’t have access to the channel request it here .


Thurston was interviewed and performed live for Le Blogoteque.

‘Demolished Thoughts’ cd/lp/digital is now available everywhere and here  iTunes. Limited edition of BLUE VINYL is available via indies/direct.  ‘Demolished Thoughts’ is streaming in it’s entirety at NPR and also via the Guardian. The Benediction video is here.

The song ‘Circulation’ can now be heard at Matador’s Matablog or by clicking ‘like’ on the facebook for Thurston Moore’s ‘Demolished Thoughts’ album. ‘Benediction’ also from Thurston’s solo record can be heard at and here at Matador’s site.

On May 24 Matador released  ‘Demolished Thoughts’, the 4th solo album from Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore (5th if you count 1998′s ‘Root’) and the first to be produced by Beck Hansen.   Recorded in Los Angeles and Northampton, MA this past autumn & winter, with a title culled from The Faith’s “It’s Time”, ‘Demolished Thoughts’ is an equally beautiful and brooding work ; while there’s more than a few tonal similarities to some of your favorite Moore compositions from years past, the execution this time around is nothing short of staggering.  No disrespect to 1995′s ‘Psychic Hearts’ or 2007′s ‘Trees Outside The Academy’ is intended on our part when we promise ‘Demolished Thoughts’ burnishes Thurston’s rep as a classic songwriter in ways we never anticipated when this album was first being talked about last year.

In addition to Moore’s guitars and vocals, other players include violinist Samara Lubelski (she of prior Moore recordings and touring, her own solo works, Metal Mountains, Hall Of Fame, Tower Recordings, Metabolismus, etc.), harpist Mary Lattimore (also heard on Kurt Vile’s latest), bassist Bram Inscore, drummer Joey Waronker and Beck.

Announcement For a Poem

Ben Estes   Kim Gordon   Rick Myers
Flying Object, Hadley, MA.
15th July – 14th August 2011

The fibers of the page became pronounced. Lit another cigarette, crossed my legs, and settled back. Shadows cast by its pages became as prominent as the words. Bravo, another wall collapsed… all the loving attention I’d need. How about we all undog this hatch and get the hell outta here.  The sun threw no shadow at its feet, near the edge of the motionless flat water, where at the same spot the same small wave welled up and broke. 94 minutes of total astonishment. A dislocating picture; similar to a white background cut into innumerable little rectangles, or a rising fog that begins to mix with the slow dissipation of gun smoke. According to its most favorable calculations, it brims with bracing humor and ravishing romance – but there are also haunting shadows, luxuries no longer expensive… that alone makes it a keeper. If you pretend to understand, you will find yourself among its ambiguities – liberated from all rigid structures… Like some great rusted amulet fallen from the belt of a demi-god picking cigarette butts up off the ground. A miracle. Pitch perfect. Much beauty found most difficult. At low tide it remains extremely modest, strewed like the leather sides of trunks and briefcases, wet and shining in an electric glare in the naked mud. Kids no doubt have better games to play. An attack upon action, glancingly funny. Genuinely graceful, looking like the yellow of that longest lasting rose. It becomes difficult to determine whether you are turning its pages towards or away from you, the body, a giant gray spot on the concrete road. A sad creature. Offered it a job. Our very life probed. It has only happened once, but once is enough… If you get bushwhacked on this don’t come cryin’, and I’ll try not to tell you I told you so. Victory emerged. An early death, a group example that then included nature barely slanting backwards, a blackish surface of pretended gentleness, spoken without anger between extremities like a crushed corpse. Only at the end of its cycle could a few sounds, distorted by the distance, be heard again, served up for us to look upon. Take thought tonight… A boy about 10 years old, wearing a yellow turtleneck sweater and tight blue denim pants, turned his face upward and to the right. Diffuse yet powerful in its mystery, with no allusions to a moral order. A good-time universal anxiety. Inks absorption into the page becomes evident, reads like a detective story or a thriller, except that there was no reason for it to stop. The next step is to find a way to project this as a sensual stream of energy. You couldn’t be a true woman if you didn’t fear such things. Oh to live the exquisite life! An adventure of comedic proportions unseen since I was six years old. Once it gave itself a name it seemed impossible to kill it. Do not be deceived… The letters dislocate themselves from each other and from the page. Like pretend virginity, it tortures a little, then cascades forth – unsentimentally gushing about with purposeful abandonment after the first half calculates discipline and restraint.


Smalltown Superjazzz is proud to to rerelase the debut album by Diskaholics Anonymous Trio. The album was released 10 years ago on the now defunct Crazy Wisdom/Universal label, and the album has been unavailable since then.

Thurston Moore – guitar
Jim O`Rourke – synth, computer
Mats Gustafsson – tubax, tenor sax, french flageolet

The album features three long improvisational tracks: “Three Collectors of Bird Note”, “Totally Gump (Gump Completist)”, & “Yellow Label Silence”.


Lee and Leah are in Lecce Italy for a few weeks, in residence as part of the SoundRes program there. Leah will lead a workshop for children on Aug 5 in the seaside town of Specchiulla. On Aug 6 Lee will hold a ‘workshop/demonstration’ at 6 pm and at around 8pm he will perform another SoundRes artist, Phill Niblock’s piece “Guitar too, for four” which also includes Thurston Moore and Alan Licht on tape.  On Aug 7 Leah and Lee will present a special expanded version of their piece “sight unseen” in the Palazzo dei Celestini at 9 pm. More info on all this, here.