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Rock n Roll Consciousness is the new record by Thurston Moore inspired by radical love and the energies of the challenged soul of Mother Earth/Nature in direct resistance.

The music is decidedly charged by the force of positive action and a great true love where the feminine/masculine come together in new and fluid unions of beauty and light.

Thurston has written songs on Rock n Roll Consciousness inspired by the friendship of musicians with whom he’s been working since 2014: Deb Googe (of My Bloody Valentine, Snowpony) bass, James Sedwards (Nøught, Chrome Hoof) guitar and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth, Crucifucks) drums. The entire album was recorded with producer Paul Epworth (Adele, The Pop Group) at The Church studios in Crouch End, London and mixed by Randall Dunn (Marissa Nadler, Earth) at Avast! in Seattle, WA.

The recording focuses on this particular group’s instrumental strength, beauty and promise after two solid years of touring since 2015’s critically acclaimed The Best Day album.

These new songs are a wild step forward in their expansive, anthemic and exploratory investigation and herald of love between angels, goddess mysticism and belief in healing through new birth.

“Exalted”, with lyrics by poet Radio Radieux, is an unfolding and emotional journey in homage to sacred energy and exaltation — a drug-infused visit from sacred womyn, sibyls, prophetesses, oracles, + goddesses reclaiming consciousness.

“Cusp” is a springtime charging, propulsive singing, moving march of noise and layered harmonics with a feeling of Sonic Youth mixing in with My Bloody Valentine. Radio Radieux’ lyrics with background vocals by Deb Googe that call into play the bliss of total love where all dangers subside and creative power engages the trans-mind energy of now.

“Turn On” is a pop-sonic poem to holy love both intimate and cosmic —  a patient, yet driving song opening space for more illustrious lead-guitar extensions by James Sedwards.

“Smoke of Dreams” focuses on the contemplative mystery of life-defining time travel where Thurston recalls a New York City where spirits informed artists seeking poems of beatitude and sonic prayers of joy and wild wonder.

“Aphrodite” is a strange and heavy no wave rocker in salutation to the icon of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. The song lists tools beyond the consciousness, electric guitars, the power of mind, imagination, will and intention to practice magick. Thurston sings of spells and possession as he and James pick up energies from string sorcery in true group seance. Steve Shelley takes the power of the symbolic in actual shimmering cymbal resonance and Deb Googe’s bass moves through a mesmeric psychic shaping — all in service to the mystic song.

Rock n Roll Consciousness is a new and exhilarating chapter for Thurston Moore and promises to be a creative highpoint for anyone interested in his legacy of avant-garde music and writing, as strong a statement as anything he has recorded these last three decades with Sonic Youth, the band he founded in 1980, to the solo work he has produced from 1995’s Psychic Hearts album to the Beck produced Demolished Thoughtsalbum of 2011 as well as the myriad of collaborations and completely outside-the-margins recordings on a litany of labels (as featured in author Nick Soulsby’s new investigative book We Sing A New Language – The Oral Discography of Thurston Moore) – serious and precocious and strangely accessible.

Thurston Moore Group will commence touring springtime 2017 with the line-up of James Sedwards, Deb Googe and Steve Shelley in USA, UK, Europe, Asia and beyond.

1. Exalted (11:54)
(music: Thurston Moore / lyrics: Radio Radieux)
2. Cusp (6:33)
(music: Thurston Moore / lyrics: Radio Radieux)
3. Turn On (10:18)
(music and lyrics: Thurston Moore)
4. Smoke of Dreams (6:04)
(music + lyrics: Thurston Moore)
5. Aphrodite (8:08)
(music: Thurston Moore / lyrics: Radio Radieux + Thurston Moore)

Thurston Moore
Rock n Roll Consciousness

Recorded by Paul Epworth
at The Church Studios, London UK
Mixed by Randall Dunn
at Avast! Recording Co., Seattle WA USA
Mastered by Jason Ward
at CMS, Chicago IL USA

Thurston Moore – guitars, vocals
James Sedwards – guitars
Deb Googe – bass, background vocals
Steve Shelley – drums


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