The Original Recordings Group, which specializes in hi-fi vinyl reissues, is set to release the SY albums Confusion is Sex, Bad Moon Rising, Evol, and Sister later this year. The albums are remastered from the original analog tapes and pressed at RTI, the USA’s premiere LP plant. More info.

2 Responses to “ORG VINYL REISSUES”

  • is sister out yet

  • ok, as i heard about EVOL since record store day, which i couldn’t get a copy of, what’s the extras gonna be on these pressings?
    i heard they are gonna be expensive up here in canada
    then again, i got the 3 deluxe box sets, so whats another $50 or so
    but what extras?
    espically, on SISTER, will the Disney picture not be scribbled out on the cover?

    extras, what are the extras?

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